Thank You Very Bitch
Uma coleção de oneshots: 1-2. Thank You Very Bitch 3. Manzoku Kissaten e Youkoso (Welcome To Coffeeshop Satisfaction!) 4. Summer Bitch 5. Bitch Game 6. Oshiete Try! 7. Gogo 4-ji no Taiiku Souko (4 o'Clock in the Afternoon in the Phys Ed Storage Room) 8. Ane no Hakarigoto (The Older Sisters Plan) 9. Naisho no Bite (Secret Part-Time) 10. Astro Girl 11. Osana Bitch (Childhood Bitch) 12. Thank You Very Bitch Extra Chapter Special: Houkago Enkou♡ (After-school Prostitution♡)